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postheadericon Taragh Bracken’s Romantic Getaway In Hawaii

There really is no other place on earth than the jewel that is Hawaii. The adventurous soul can feed a freeing spirit both through land, sky and water activities. If you’re looking to go on a romantic getaway with your beau, then this is the best space for you.


Lawyers Can Be Romantic Too

Taragh Bracken and her husband always work hard on their relationship since the going can get tough with long work hours as they are both lawyers in the Whitby and Oshawa regions of Ottawa. Every several months they thus decide to visit a new European city or a tropical spot down South (or even sometimes in the Asia!). Thankfully, Bracken’s husband is much of the romantic type and loves to plan their adventures in order to surprise his wife with an all-encompassing vacation for the two of them to enjoy.


A Dinner Cruise for Two

Romantic strolls on the beach, and late-night catamaran diners are where it’s at in the Bracken household. As the Na Pali Coast is one of the most breathtaking regions in Hawaii, Mr. Bracken planned out a secret date for Taragh and himself to enjoy so that they could stop thinking about their pending family law cases when they get back home to Canada. Instead, they embarked on Captain Andy’s dinner cruise while watching the sunset together and cheering to margaritas. The squeaky sound of dolphins can be heard not far away, and the menu consists of a grand buffet of garlic and herb chicken, iron steak, grilled asparagus, rice pilaf, a fresh garden mix with papaya dressing and of course of the dessert, lime cheesecake. Drinks are also on the house, including an option for beer, wine or their famed drink called the “sneaky tikis”.


Getting Your Exercise On

Something that not everyone knows about Taragh is that while she grinds at work, she also makes sure to take up the gym at least three times a week. While she’s a great advocate for Orange Theory back home, her favorite exercise is outside in nature. She’ll hike with her dogs, or horseback ride at her centre whenever she feels like she needs a break. That’s why in the great terrain of Hawaii, she loves to take a hike up the Waimea Canyon through the rainforest with her loved one. Again, the appreciation one has for nature will only be reinforced when taken through these scenic destinations.


postheadericon Brad Roemer, The Only Real Estate Agent You Will Ever Need

Most real estate agents tend to be working solo, always scrambling in a hurry, and thusly having poor knowledge of the market and very little time for training and self-improvement. That’s because the job of a real estate agent is really multiple jobs: analyst, salesperson, tour guide, receptionist, social media manager and marketer. In no other business would any of these jobs all be taken by one person! And yet realtors do this all the time and it makes no sense. Would you go to a doctor that claims to be skilled at everything in medicine, or would you go to a specialist in the specific condition? Same goes for real estate agents. So if he job doesn’t make sense to do alone…why not do it in a team?


Brad Roemer and his excellent team deliver amazing results


Brad Roemer isn’t just one of Oakland’s top real estate agents on his own. He’s combined his extensive prior experience as a realtor for Sotheby’s and his bachelors in business education together with the experience of three expert teammates Layla Johnson, Kassandra Parker and Tim Kane. And  a team does it best. Having a team means that Roemer can do more and better research for you as a buyer and it also means that you can have much more representation as a seller, i.e. the brokers will be able to reach more people than if you hadn’t.


More on Roemer


Roemer graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelors in business and immediately after, he went and got his real estate license. He then worked as a Sotheby’s broker for more than five years and really proved himself. He was put in charge of a number of people and helped lead them to meet the quarterly and yearly sales goals. After the five years at Sotheby’s he branched out to work on his own.

postheadericon Kevin Sheehan’s Top 5 Business Book Picks For You This Summer

Go ahead and check out Kevin Sheehan’s long and storied career history. Sheehan has played many high-level roles at multiple firms including positions like Chief FInancial Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Boardmember and Chairman. He is credited with his incredible ability to turn around companies and make them perform super well. Sheehan has more than 20 years of Board of Director Experience at many multinational firms and has received a lot of recognition. He’s been named the EY entrepreneur of the year, Miami’s Ultimate CEO, and has been on a hilarious episode of Undercover Boss where an employee recognizes him and he almost blows his cover, but is narrowly spared and allowed to continue with his duties as a fake employee at his own company. Sheehan is an avid reader and we asked him what are his book picks for the summer. Here are his top choices.


Your Best Year Ever, By Michael Hyatt


This book is all about setting and achieving your life goals. It gives you the guidelines you need to change your behaviour in such a way that you are more likely to achieve your goals. We all know that as humans we don’t have perfect free will, sometimes distractions get the best of us, we must work on discipline instead. This book is a great introduction into the techniques to build focus and accountability with oneself. Moreover it isn’t written by any old author, it’s written by Michael Hyatt, the former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers.


The Right — And Wrong — Stuff’ By Carter Cast


They say entrepreneurs shouldn’t be afraid to fail, but it’s easier said than done. We all tell ourselves “oh it won’t happen to me” as we do with the risk of car accidents or other such risks in life, but in truth it takes years and years to build a reputation and only a moment to break it. This book is an inspiring retelling of Carter Cast’s rise, fall and renewed rise to prominence in the business world.

postheadericon Surprises with the Perfect Mortgage Options Here

We have seen and read a lot about mortgages, and many people have problems that are not really there. Below I’ll try to tell you about the unobvious, but simple things in a mortgage loan regarding payments, type of payment, etc. Of course, it’s better not to get into debt, but if there are no options, and they are not on the last money, then you can safely read on.

The most important thing that you need to understand before taking a mortgage loan – the percentage that you pay monthly to the bank, for the money it takes depends only on:

  • The amount of the mortgage loan (or rather the amount of the principal debt, which decreases monthly)
  • Neither of the loan term, nor the type of payment it does not depend on. Remember this.
  • The term of the mortgage, the type of payment, the type of early repayment is in fact always determined by you, and not by the bank, but it works only on the condition that you can pay a larger payment than by contract with the bank. You can count with the mortgage broker Geelong .

Yes, there is a difference in overpayments for a loan because of the terms or type of monthly payment, but it is only relevant if paid within the entire term and without early payments. My general principle of taking a mortgage is to calculate the option with the maximum payments and the least overpayment for the loan, but to take with minimal payments and try to pay according to your maximum calculations, so there will be a maneuver for financial force majeure, but discipline is needed.

The Calculations

Even if by your calculations you can draw in the mortgage amount X for 3.5.10 years, take this amount for a maximum period (20-30 years) with a minimum monthly payment. But at the same time, you must pay monthly the amount that you expected at the time of 3.5.10 years. Ie, for example, you can afford to take a mortgage for 5 years with monthly payments of 50t.r, take 30years with a monthly 20t.r. But monthly pay the amount of 50 ie. Basic + early repayment = 50t.r. Thus, you will actually have a 5-year mortgage, but in case of financial problems, you will always have the opportunity to pay less than 50, from 5 years you would have to find blood from your nose 50k per month. With such an approach and an annuity payment, in a year the compulsory payment will already be no longer 20t.r. but less, i.е. every month you will make more early payments,

The type of payment is not important if you can pay the maximum possible payment options. If you want and can afford a differentiated payment, and the bank only offers an annuity payment, make a monthly payment with the missing amount as for diff. and get a virtually differentiated payment.

postheadericon Why You Should Have A Clean Space

Handy is a great company to work for and their cleaning professionals are always there in case something comes up. When you need any help getting your chores done around the house such as getting furniture put together, or maybe you need a trusty plumber, Handy will have someone in your area to come do the job well and in a professional manner.


Tidy space, tidy mind

There are many reasons why you should want to live in a clean and tidy home. For one, it will help you live a better life overall. When you come to a messy home, you will suddenly not feel so relaxed and at ease. It will start to stress you out with the amount of clutter and things to get done.

When your space is clean, it will offer you many health benefits. It will help you sleep better at night knowing your home is in good working order. It will provide you with a great resting place and you will truly appreciate the living space. There will be enough room to get around and do the things you want to do in your home.


Handy can help you get there

Handy has a lot of professionals listed on their application. They have to first vet that the person they will have available is trustworthy and will get the job done right. That is the main concern for the company since they want to provide customers with the best service possible.

Sometimes we lack the time or even the knowledge on how to get certain things done around the house. Anything more technical such as plumbing or electrical work cannot be done by just anyone. In some cases though the homeowner might try to find a way to fix the issue himself or herself but might not work in most cases. These professionals will know right away if there was such an attempt to fix a problem. Sometimes they could even make the problem worse and will end up costing more to fix.

When it comes to cleaning your space, the Handy cleaning professionals will be there for any situation you might need. It could even be for a certain area of the house. The goal of the company is for you to be able to have more time to enjoy the more important things in your life such as time with family and friends or even investing it in yourself by exercising, meditating or enjoying a hobby.


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