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postheadericon Window Comparisons: Bow Windows and The Other Window Designs

Either you choose bow windows or any other window design, it is essential to understand that the window design you select should play much more functions than just allowing natural light and air flow into the house.

The window styles you select for your home greatly impact on the overall functionality and outlook of your Toronto home. You should first ask yourself hard questions such as what design window matches the overall design of your structure? Check over here to learn about common window styles you can consider.


  • Single Hung Windows


They are among the cheapest window styles on the market. They have two sashes with one sash operable and the other fixed.


  • Double Hung Windows


These are typically the most common window styles in Canada. They are composed to duo sashes which open up and down.


  • Picture Windows


Just as the name suggests, these windows create a vivid picture of your home especially the living space. They are ideal for providing light without exposing yourself to the weather elements. They are generally used in living rooms, Quadra-season porches, and dens. It is suitable for any home design whether fitted toward the sunset or sunrise.


  • Casement Windows


Casement windows are operated by way of swinging the sashes outward. They are commonly operated by turning a crank. You can match them with the picture windows for more ventilation and length. It is ideal in contemporary homes.


  • Slider Windows


Think about flipping a single hung window to its side. This is what you get. The sashes are made to slide on the tracks to any of the side. They are mostly used in industrial and modern style homes.


  • Bay and Bow Windows


Bay windows Toronto are commonly utilised in master suites and kitchen part since they protrude to the exterior form the wall and make a cosy nook and give way for more extra light to enter the house. Sometimes people mistake bow windows for bay windows due to almost similar name and the concept of their operation.

Bay windows Toronto, to protrude outward but not as much as bow windows, creating a ‘small greenhouse’ indoors.


  • Awning Windows


They look like casement windows, but they are turned. Hinges are fixed at the top to make the window open outward. They are mostly utilised in high-up places or mid-century conventional style homes.

From the discussion above bow windows evidently, offer many properties such as increased space of your living room and allow air circulation. They can also be utilised in various avenues such as in kitchens. Also remember that here at windotechcanada we can tailor your windows to your space. We are ready to work with you in unison to provide you with a unified, elegant look of your Toronto home


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