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Most real estate agents tend to be working solo, always scrambling in a hurry, and thusly having poor knowledge of the market and very little time for training and self-improvement. That’s because the job of a real estate agent is really multiple jobs: analyst, salesperson, tour guide, receptionist, social media manager and marketer. In no other business would any of these jobs all be taken by one person! And yet realtors do this all the time and it makes no sense. Would you go to a doctor that claims to be skilled at everything in medicine, or would you go to a specialist in the specific condition? Same goes for real estate agents. So if he job doesn’t make sense to do alone…why not do it in a team?


Brad Roemer and his excellent team deliver amazing results


Brad Roemer isn’t just one of Oakland’s top real estate agents on his own. He’s combined his extensive prior experience as a realtor for Sotheby’s and his bachelors in business education together with the experience of three expert teammates Layla Johnson, Kassandra Parker and Tim Kane. And  a team does it best. Having a team means that Roemer can do more and better research for you as a buyer and it also means that you can have much more representation as a seller, i.e. the brokers will be able to reach more people than if you hadn’t.


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Roemer graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelors in business and immediately after, he went and got his real estate license. He then worked as a Sotheby’s broker for more than five years and really proved himself. He was put in charge of a number of people and helped lead them to meet the quarterly and yearly sales goals. After the five years at Sotheby’s he branched out to work on his own.

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