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Great Opportunity To Eat


Food is a very important part of our livelihood as we cannot endure a long period of time without food. It is especially important when travelling as we need to gather as much energy as possible in order to be active and strong for the sightseeing and the moving around. We may try skipping meals on a trip in order to stay budget consistent, but it is not always the best as we lose the required nutrients for the long journey. Food is usually one of the most favorite parts about traveling in people’s opinion, as it is an integral part of many cultures. It is always a bit discomforting to see other travelers who prefer to prepare their meals in the kitchen of their hotel rather than trying out the local dishes.  What is the point of going to India to eat only Pizzas? Traveling to Thailand or Vietnam without eating Pho? To deprive yourself of a steak in Argentina?In asking the question, I have learned that many of these travelers have a legitimate concern – eating out is usually pretty expensive. Nadine Gourkow finds herself in a situation where she must travel as well on a regular basis therefore she ensures to always be on a tight budget at all times. People often have the misconception that most travelers and backpackers prepare their meals in their rental unit given the prices of food.  This is not true as it is possible to eat out and taste what the local foods have to offer. It takes a lot of planning, but it is feasible.


How To Eat On A Budget


Even if they do not always offer the best food, the buffets do offer a very good value for your money, especially when it is an all-you-can-eat buffet. You can stock up on food for the day in one meal. Buffets are a good plan from an economic point of view. Small stalls that sell hot dogs, sausages, sandwiches and more are good places to have a quick and cheap meal. These fast and cheap meals will probably never win a Michelin star, but they will guarantee a full belly without emptying your wallet. These are very much utilized by Nadine in order to save as much as she possibly can. Street food is also a very popular alternative. Especially within Asian countries you can find hundreds of street food places that you can easily purchase food for a good amount. Try to avoid purchasing pop and juice and stick with water as you can refill your bottle wherever you go, this will help you cut on costs. Try to avoid buying sweets, chocolate and junk food in general as though are usually from the foreign market which would mean that they are more expensive.

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