postheadericon Kevin Sheehan’s Top 5 Business Book Picks For You This Summer

Go ahead and check out Kevin Sheehan’s long and storied career history. Sheehan has played many high-level roles at multiple firms including positions like Chief FInancial Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Boardmember and Chairman. He is credited with his incredible ability to turn around companies and make them perform super well. Sheehan has more than 20 years of Board of Director Experience at many multinational firms and has received a lot of recognition. He’s been named the EY entrepreneur of the year, Miami’s Ultimate CEO, and has been on a hilarious episode of Undercover Boss where an employee recognizes him and he almost blows his cover, but is narrowly spared and allowed to continue with his duties as a fake employee at his own company. Sheehan is an avid reader and we asked him what are his book picks for the summer. Here are his top choices.


Your Best Year Ever, By Michael Hyatt


This book is all about setting and achieving your life goals. It gives you the guidelines you need to change your behaviour in such a way that you are more likely to achieve your goals. We all know that as humans we don’t have perfect free will, sometimes distractions get the best of us, we must work on discipline instead. This book is a great introduction into the techniques to build focus and accountability with oneself. Moreover it isn’t written by any old author, it’s written by Michael Hyatt, the former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers.


The Right — And Wrong — Stuff’ By Carter Cast


They say entrepreneurs shouldn’t be afraid to fail, but it’s easier said than done. We all tell ourselves “oh it won’t happen to me” as we do with the risk of car accidents or other such risks in life, but in truth it takes years and years to build a reputation and only a moment to break it. This book is an inspiring retelling of Carter Cast’s rise, fall and renewed rise to prominence in the business world.

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