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There are two basic systems for hanging the curtains. The bars are the simplest option and are accompanied by rings or loops. The rails allow the curtain to be handled more easily, although they are less aesthetic.

Choose bars with finials

You can customize a bar of wood, brass or wrought iron by adding decorative ends to its ends. Take into account the style of the room and choose them accordingly: this way you will achieve a more harmonious set.

Tensioners: an easy solution

An effective and discreet option for smaller curtains or more informal air stays are the tensioners. It is a steel cable from which hang some clamps that hold the curtain. Only suitable for light fabrics. The selection of the best curtains in Singapore happens to important here.

Curtains for the bathroom and the kitchen

These rooms require fabrics that are hard and resistant to humidity, steam and smoke. Opt for curtains or half-window curtains, in cotton or canvas yarn, smooth or with small decorative motifs.

Tricks to cover the living room

room should be a cozy and harmonious space. If it is large, choose to combine curtains and curtains or curtains and blinds; if it is small, choose blinds because they “steal” less space than the curtains; and if it’s dark, decant by curtains to dry.

Very relaxing

bedrooms To get serene bedrooms and maintain the intimacy of the stay, you can combine thick curtains with very light curtains. Thus you will have light during the day and darkness closed during the night.

And the kids?

The favorite choices for the little ones are fresh cotton fabrics, in bright colors or with children’s motifs. Choose blinds or soft falls, which have a lighter effect and do not abuse the draperies.

For jaundice


However, medical treatment is essential, not only for the treatment, but more importantly, for an accurate diagnosis of the underlying causes, in order to facilitate an adequate treatment. Home remedies and lifestyle modifications are, however, an important aspect of the treatment and recovery process. The good at  jaundice home treatment happens to be essential here. You can also try using other natural methods that are believed to help in the treatment of jaundice, but not all methods have been scientifically proven, so take precautions. Some of the most common natural remedies of jaundice include:

Radish Sheets: You can extract the juice of green leaves of radish and drink it daily.

Tomatoes: Add a little pepper and salt in fresh tomato juice and drink it every morning. Tomato lycopene can help reduce liver damage and even facilitate recovery.

Leaves of Trichosanthescucumerina: Add some dried leaves of trichosanthescucumerina in boiling water. Then boil cilantro seeds in water until one third of the amount is reduced. Combine the two decoctions and drink it three times a day.

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